Quiet Hacker News

  1. Open Source AI Is the Path Forward (about.fb.com)
  2. Intent to End OCSP Service (letsencrypt.org)
  3. A free tool to quickly detect counterfeit flash (2017) (fight-flash-fraud.readthedocs.io)
  4. Trunk: Build, bundle and ship your Rust WASM application to the web (trunkrs.dev)
  5. Ireland's datacentres overtake electricity use of all urban homes combined (theguardian.com)
  6. Emerge Tools (YC W21) Is Hiring a Product Engineer (iOS, Full-Stack) (emergetools.com)
  7. Median filtering (2022) (crisluengo.net)
  8. Types as Interfaces (two-wrongs.com)
  9. Kawaii – A Keychain-Sized Nintendo Wii (bitbuilt.net)
  10. A (not so) small library for terminal based game development (github.com)
  11. Copying is the way design works (matthewstrom.com)
  12. Timeshift: System Restore Tool for Linux (github.com)
  13. Button Stealer (anatolyzenkov.com)
  14. Shape of Motion: 4D Reconstruction from a Single Video (shape-of-motion.github.io)
  15. Scientists discover a new hormone that can build strong bones in mice (ucsf.edu)
  16. Show HN: DOM to Semantic Markdown – For LLMs (github.com)
  17. The Elegance of the ASCII Table (danq.me)
  18. What Is Entropy? (johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com)
  19. Give Me the Green Light Part 1: Hacking Traffic Control Systems (redthreatsec.com)
  20. July 2024 Update on Instability Reports on Intel Core 13th/14th Gen Desktop CPUs (community.intel.com)
  21. Difference between running Postgres for yourself and for others (ubicloud.com)
  22. SQLite-jiff: SQLite extension for timezones and complex durations (github.com)
  23. Sharks test positive for cocaine in waters off Brazilian coast (thetimes.com)
  24. Unconditional Cash Study: first findings available (openresearchlab.org)
  25. Rust doesn't solve the CrowdStrike outage (blogsystem5.substack.com)
  26. Maestro: Netflix's Workflow Orchestrator (netflixtechblog.com)
  27. Mermaid Gantt diagrams for displaying distributed traces in Markdown (2023) (brycemecum.com)
  28. Ask HN: Is it possible to make FAANG salaries without working there? ()
  29. 300-Year-Old House Transported Piecemeal Japan to California, Then Reconstructed (wsj.com)
  30. Show HN: Lisp in C# (github.com)

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