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  1. FTC sues Adobe for hiding fees and inhibiting cancellations (ftc.gov)
  2. Getting 50% (SoTA) on Arc-AGI with GPT-4o (redwoodresearch.substack.com)
  3. NumPy-style broadcasting in Futhark (futhark-lang.org)
  4. Understanding SPF, DKIM, and DMARC: A Simple Guide (github.com)
  5. Optical PCIe 7.0 connection hits 128 GT/s (tomshardware.com)
  6. Humans began to rapidly accumulate technological knowledge 600k years ago (news.asu.edu)
  7. The Decompilation Wiki: categorized knowledge on decompilation (decompilation.wiki)
  8. Trading cards with e-ink displays (2023) (howtoware.co)
  9. FPGA-Based Disk Controller for the Apple II (bigmessowires.com)
  10. Intel-undervolt: CPU undervolting and throttling configuration tool for Linux (github.com)
  11. Show HN: Token price calculator for 400+ LLMs (github.com)
  12. A Note on Essential Complexity (olano.dev)
  13. The upcoming iterator design for Go 1.23 (gingerbill.org)
  14. Intel details Skymont (chipsandcheese.com)
  15. Architecture Styles Worksheet [pdf] (developertoarchitect.com)
  16. A long guide to giving a short academic talk (2022) (benjaminnoble.org)
  17. Nsss: A secure NSS-like implementation for static linking (skarnet.org)
  18. Google DeepMind shifts from research lab to AI product factory (bloomberg.com)
  19. Suiteness (YC S16) Is Hiring for TypeScript/Qwik (ycombinator.com)
  20. Sam Altman is not on YC's board. So why claim to be its chair? (bizjournals.com)
  21. Hitachi to Release PCs with Preinstalled BeOS for the Consumer Market (1998) (hitachi.com)
  22. Tsutomu Yamaguchi – A man who survived both atomic bombings (2023) (biography.com)
  23. Where did you go, Ms. Pac-Man? (thrillingtalesofoldvideogames.com)
  24. London Underground hosts tests for 'quantum compass' that could replace GPS (theguardian.com)
  25. LLM that can call multiple tool APIs with one request (cohere.com)
  26. “Attention assault” on Fandom (j3s.sh)
  27. The unending allure of high mountains (noemamag.com)
  28. Lindroid (twitter.com)
  29. A Step Forward in Stingray Science (hakaimagazine.com)
  30. Show HN: ThreadQuilt: AI-Free Thread Aggregator (threadquilt.com)

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